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About Us

The NWT Public Utilities Board (PUB) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of the Northwest Territories. It is responsible for the regulation of public utilities in the NWT.

The PUB obtains its authority from the Public Utilities Act. A copy of the Act can be downloaded in the Documents section of this website.

Organizational Structure

The PUB is led by a Board of up to five people - a Chairman and four Board Members. The Chairman serves as the chief executive officer and manages the business of the PUB and supervises the PUB staff. The other Board Members serve on a part-time basis. Board member appointments are made by the Minister responsible for the PUB, on the recommendation of Cabinet, for a term not exceeding five years. The PUB office is located in Hay River and is staffed by one full-time employee.

Board Members

  • Gordon Van Tighem Chairman
  • Tina Gargan Vice-Chairman
  • Myra Berrub Member
  • Danny Yakeleya Member
  • Joe Auge Member

Board Staff

  • Doris Minoza Board Secretary
  • Raj Retnanandan Board Consultant
  • Ayanna Ferdinand Catlyn Board Counsel

Application and Hearing Process

The PUB deals with issues using an application and decision process. Any organization or individual seeking PUB approval on a given matter must prepare and submit a written application specifying the orders it is seeking from the PUB. The application should contain all materials and evidence necessary to enable the PUB to assess the merits of the application.

Government of the Northwest Territories Public Utilities Board Appointments