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Intervenor Information

The Board has the authority to award costs at the conclusion of a hearing. Interveners before the Board may receive up to 100% of their reasonably incurred costs provided that, in the Board's opinion, the intervention contributed in a meaningful way to the Board's understanding of the application.

Interveners are interested parties who register with the Board and receive copies of the application and all written questions and answers.

Interveners may take an active role in the hearing process. They may submit written questions, give evidence, call expert witnesses, and cross-examine the applicant. The applicant, as well as other interveners, is provided the opportunity to cross-examine the intervener and the intervener's expert witnesses. Alternatively, the intervener may choose to not actively participate in the hearing, but simply receive all available information.

Attached are Section 32 and 33 of the Board’s Rules of Practice and Procedure on how to intervene and file for costs.